Work Nature

  • Sociologists study human social behavior through group formations and social, political, economic and religious institutions in the society. They specialize in studying the impact of sociological studies on education, media, race and ethnicity, revolution, war and peace, gender roles, family, urban, rural, political and comparative sociology.
  • Observe how individuals interact with each other in specific groups and situationsAnalyze, define, test and explain human behavior.
  • Study the origin and development of social groups
  • Conduct sociological research and draw conclusions
  • Make evaluations which are relevant for social institutions and programs
  • Conduct research for marketing organizations

Key Skills

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance


  • Criminal Justice System
  • Human Rights Worker
  • Human Service Workers
  • N.G.O Manager
  • Religious Worker
  • Social and Community Services
  • Society Welfare Worker
  • Trust Manager
  • Volunteer

Career Analysis

1 Fees
2 Demand
3 Salary
4 Level Of Preparation

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