Work Nature

  • Marine Consultant; Marine Design Engineer; Marine Engineer; Marine Engineering Consultant; Marine Surveyor; Project Engineer; Propulsion Machinery Service Engineer; Ships Equipment Engineer
  • Operate and maintain the mechanical and electrical equipment on board
  • Manage power generation and distribution systems, as well as refrigeration plant, ventilation and pumping systems
  • Monitor, repair and upgrade systems and equipment, e.g. air compressors, pumps and sewage plants
  • Implement regular equipment inspections and maintenance programmes
  • keep up to date with developments in the marine engineering field.
  • Perform monitoring activities to ensure that ships comply with international regulations and standards for life-saving equipment and pollution preventatives.
  • Prepare plans, estimates, design and construction schedules, and contract specifications, including any special provisions.
  • Check, test, and maintain automatic controls and alarm systems.
  • Evaluate operation of marine equipment during acceptance testing and shakedown cruises.
  • Act as liaisons between ships' captains and shore personnel to ensure that schedules and budgets are maintained, and that ships are operated safely and efficiently. 

Key Skills

  • decision-making skills
  • mathematical ability
  • knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems (for engineer officer roles)


  • Marine Design Engineer
  • Marine Engineer
  • Marine Engineering Consultant
  • Marine Surveyor
  • Project Engineer
  • Propulsion Machinery Service Engineer
  • Ships Equipment Engineer
  • Marine Consultant

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