Work Nature

  • Academic librarianship is a people-focused role, requiring individuals to manage learning resources while keeping the library users' needs in mind
  • Selecting, developing, cataloguing and classifying library resources
  • Answering readers' enquiries
  • Using library systems and specialist computer applications
  • Management of staff, including recruitment, training and/or supervisiory duties
  • Liaising with departmental academic staff, external organisations and suppliers
  • Advise students on issues such as course selection, progress toward graduation and career decisions.
  • Direct, coordinate and evaluate the activities of personnel including support staff, engaged in administering academic institutions, departments or alumni organizations.
  • Recruit, hire, train and terminate departmental personnel.
  • Participate in student recruitment, selection and admission, making admissions recommendations when required to do so.
  • Formulate strategic plans for the institution.
  • Plan, administer and control budgets, maintain financial records and produce financial reports.
  • Establish operational policies and procedures and make any necessary modifications, based on analysis of operations, demographics and other research information.
  • Participate in faculty and college committee activities.
  • Represent institutions at community and campus events, in meetings with other institution personnel and during accreditation processes.
  • Promote the university by participating in community, state and national events or meetings, and by developing partnerships with industry and secondary education institutions.

Key Skills

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Customer Service


  • College Coordinator
  • College Counsellor
  • College Marketing Manager
  • Education Administrators
  • Librarian
  • Principal

Career Analysis

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