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  • Geography is an interdisciplinary subject that unites the social sciences and natural sciences in the knowledge of the Earth. Geography applies the unifying vision required by many contemporary environmental and social problems
  • Cartography - Geographers who specialize in this sub-category of geography make maps, charts, globes, and models
  • Survey - Geographers can specialize in surveying, either by joining the Survey of India or state survey separtments or private organizations. Surveyors map the surface of the earth through mathematical observations and field work. This is one of many geography jobs in India.
  • Urban and Regional Planning - The specialization is concerned with planning, housing, and development projects with respect to their location and utilization of available land-space. There are degree courses available in this stream.
  • Town Planning - Town planners are employed by public and private organizations engaged in urban planning and design and by NGOS involved in rural development projects. Many universities offer diploma courses in the specialized field of town planning.
  • Remote Sensing - Studies of quickly changing phenomena such as floods, draught and forest fires, etc. Remote sensing satellites provide a variety of information about the earth's surface


Key Skills

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Map study
  • Spatial Ability


  • GIS Physical Scientist (Geographic Information Systems Physical Scientist)
  • Geo Scientist
  • Geographic Information Systems Program Director (GIS Program Director)
  • Supervisory Geographer
  • , Research Coordinator
  • GIS Geographer (Geographic Information Systems Geographer)
  • Geographic Information Systems Analyst (GIS Analyst)
  • Professor

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