Work Nature

  • Indian Forest Service (IFS) is one among the three All India Services of the government of India. The other two services are Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS). The major responsibility of the IFS is to implement the National Forest Policy 
  • Foresters manage forest resources, and are responsible for its preservation and utilization. They have a broad based knowledge of Tree Biology, Ecology, Wood Science and Manufacturing Processes.
  • Map of forested areas using several instruments and remote sensing devices
  • Document  forest resources such as timber, ground for cattle grazing, shelter for wild animals, food and water for animals
  • Maintain all forest related technical data
  • Identify areas which require particular attention for either fresh planting, felling, thinning of dense forests or pruning and pest control
  • Plan wildlife reserves
  • Plan roads leading to interesting spots, recreation points, lakes etc. in a wildlife reserve
  • Supervise crews  assigned to these projects and maintain records of their progress
  • Preserve and protect forests from campers and poachers
  • Prevent illegal felling of trees for timber
  • Work in laboratories and industries which process products out of wood
  • Work in saw mills, plywood and hardboard industries, paper and pulp mills, furniture factories and industries which carry out wood preserving processes


Key Skills

  • Mental and Physical fitness
  • Analytical skills


  • Additional Chief Conservator of Forest
  • Deputy Conservator of Forest
  • Forest Range Officer
  • Principal Chief Conservator of Forest

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