Work Nature

  • Ethical hackers are employed to protect networks and computers from attacks from unethical hackers who illegally penetrate computers to access private and sensitive information.
  • Though they possess technical skills like those of an unethical hacker, an ethical hacker uses these skills for protection.
  • Using advanced software, an ethical hacker attempts to penetrate his company's system in much the same way a hacker does.
  • The goal is to uncover any weak areas in the system.
  • An ethical hacker conducts advanced penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems, which could be penetrated by malicious intruders.
  • This requires familiarity with the infrastructure of the company and its business operations.
  • It also requires the ability to analyze risk assessment and put in place measures to control vulnerable areas.
  • The ethical hacker must simulate breaches to network security and develop measures to lock down areas of risk.
  • An ethical hacker must strive to ensure that any information that could damage the reputation or finances of an organization or its clients does not fall into the wrong hands. 

Key Skills

  • Ethical Hacker
  • Java


  • Security consultant
  • network security engineer
  • Network security administrator
  • system admin
  • system architect

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