Work Nature

  • Corporate trainers create and lead employee development programs that improve both the individual and, in turn, their overall performance within a company or organization
  • A corporate trainer job description entails working closely with individuals at all levels within an organization, from top to bottom.
  • Organizing and obtaining training manuals and guides
  • This can include visuals, presentations and program plans that serve as educational materials for employees.
  • Evaluate the success of their programs by conducting company-wide surveys, interviewing employees and consulting with managers
  • Increase profitability and efficiency through improving the skills and work styles of employees at all levels of a company 

Key Skills

  • Training Management
  • Training Program Development
  • Training
  • English Language
  • Oral / Verbal Communication


  • Corporate Trainer
  • Executive Coach
  • In-house Corporate Trainer
  • Leader
  • Specialized Subject Trainer

Career Analysis

1 Fees
2 Demand
3 Salary
4 Level Of Preparation

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