Work Nature

  • The vast majority of business analyst roles as they exist today deal specifically with software projects.
  • A good data analyst is the one who turns data into information, information into an insight and insight into a business decision.”
  • Importing/Collecting, cleaning, converting and analyzing the data for the purpose of find insights and making conclusions.
  • Presenting data in graphs, charts, tables, etc and designing and developing relational databases for collecting data.
  • Conduct research and make recommendations on data mining products, protocols, services, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts.
  • Monitor the performance of data mining system and if there are any issues then respond to the same.
  • Keep a track of trends, patterns and correlation in case of complex data sets.
  • Prepare concise data reports and data visualizations for the management that will help in decision making process.
  • Work closely with the IT team and data scientists to determine and achieve the organizational goals. 
  • Assist the data scientist in development of new analytical tools and methods as and when required.
  • Create data definitions for new database file/table development and/or changes to existing ones as needed for analysis.
  • Business change and software implementations tend to go hand-in-hand. Even so, some roles focus more on aligning the business team around the scope of a solution, and some focus more on detailed requirements for the technical team to implement.
  • Understanding the needs of multiple stakeholders.
  • Facilitating the negotiation of requirements amongst multiple stakeholders.
  • Identifying the current- and future-state business processes.
  • Helping the business stakeholders envision the future and how their work will need to change to support the future.
  • Creating, analyzing, and validating detailed functional specifications.
  • Facilitating design sessions with the implementation team to define the solution.
  • Delivering elements of systems design, including data migration rules, business rules, wireframes, or other detailed deliverables. 


Key Skills

  • SAS
  • Data Modeling
  • R
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis
  • SQL
  • Data Mining / Data Warehouse
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Database
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Processing
  • Data Entry


  • Big data Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Developer
  • Management Analyst
  • Marketing Research Executive
  • Operations Research Analysts
  • Project Manager
  • Sustainability Specialist

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