Work Nature

  • Automotive designers create new designs for cars and all kinds of automobiles. They design both interiors and exteriors of cars, trucks, buses, two and three wheeler's and special purpose vehicles keeping in mind the visual appeal as well as functionality.
  • Are involved in designing vehicles for mass production using both their design and engineering skills 
  • Research for new ideas in automobile design to develop a new vehicle design or bring about modifications in the existing design
  • Use their creativity, art and engineering skills, to make designs which meet safety regulations, are functional, attractive, and comfortable
  • Prepare 3D designs with details of shape and color using Computer aided design software
  • Construct a mock up or scale model of their designed vehicle, using clay
  • Make a presentation to the production team and the management giving all details of interior and exterior design of the automobile, colors and materials
  • Follow the production process and marketing to track the success of their design

Key Skills

  • AutoCAD
  • Engineering Design
  • Product development
  • Spatial Ability


  • Chief Engineer
  • Development System Efficiency Manager
  • Dimensional Integration Engineer
  • Director of Engineering, Quality & Program Management.
  • Director, Product Safety
  • Product Engineer
  • Senior Engineering Team Leader
  • Senior Project Engineer
  • Technical Services Manager
  • Technical Specialist
  • Automotive Engineer

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