Work Nature

  • Administer hearing tests and examine patients to collect information on type and degree of impairment, using specialized instruments and electronic equipment.  
  • Fit, dispense, and repair assistive devices, such as hearing aids.  
  • Maintain patient records at all stages, including initial and subsequent evaluation and treatment activities.  
  • Evaluate hearing and balance disorders to determine diagnoses and courses of treatment.  
  • Program and monitor cochlear implants to fit the needs of patients.  
  • Counsel and instruct patients and their families in techniques to improve hearing and communication related to hearing loss.  
  • Refer patients to additional medical or educational services if needed.  
  • Monitor patients' progress and provide ongoing observation of hearing or balance status.  
  • Educate and supervise audiology students and health care personnel.  
  • Instruct patients, parents, teachers, or employers in communication strategies to maximize effective receptive communication.  
  • Recommend assistive devices according to patients' needs or nature of impairments.  
  • Participate in conferences or training to update or share knowledge of new hearing or balance disorder treatment methods or technologies.  
  • Plan and conduct treatment programs for patients' hearing or balance problems, consulting with educators, physicians, nurses, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and other health care personnel as necessary.  
  • Work with multidisciplinary teams to assess and rehabilitate recipients of implanted hearing devices through auditory training and counseling.  
  • Advise educators or other medical staff on hearing or balance topics.

Key Skills

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills


  • Audiology Director
  • Audiology Doctor (AUD)
  • Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology Licensed Audiologist (CCC-A Licensed Audiologist)
  • Clinical Audiologist
  • Clinical Director
  • Dispensing Audiologist
  • Doctor of Audiology
  • Educational Audiologist
  • Pediatric Audiologist
  • Audiologist

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