Work Nature

  • Provide personal services to ensure the safety, security, and comfort of airline passengers during flight. Greet passengers, verify tickets, explain use of safety equipment, and serve food or beverages.
  • Verify that first aid kits and other emergency equipment, including fire extinguishers and oxygen bottles, are in working order. 
  • Direct and assist passengers in emergency procedures, such as evacuating a plane following an emergency landing. 
  • Administer first aid to passengers in distress. 
  • Announce and demonstrate safety and emergency procedures, such as the use of oxygen masks, seat belts, and life jackets. 
  • Walk aisles of planes to verify that passengers have complied with federal regulations prior to takeoffs and landings. 
  • Prepare passengers and aircraft for landing, following procedures. 
  • Attend preflight briefings concerning weather, altitudes, routes, emergency procedures, crew coordination, lengths of flights, food and beverage services offered, and numbers of passengers. 
  • Check to ensure that food, beverages, blankets, reading material, emergency equipment, and other supplies are aboard and are in adequate supply. 
  • Determine special assistance needs of passengers such as small children, the elderly, or disabled persons. 
  • Announce flight delays and descent preparations. 
  • Reassure passengers when situations such as turbulence are encountered. 
  • Greet passengers boarding aircraft and direct them to assigned seats. 
  • Inspect passenger tickets to verify information and to obtain destination information.

Key Skills

  • Having Good communication skills
  • Fitness (proved medically)
  • Swimming skills
  • Voice Quality


  • Flight Attendant and Union Safety Chairperson
  • Flight Attendant, Inflight Services
  • Flight Attendant/Air Transportation Supervisor
  • Flight Attendant/Inflight Manager
  • Flight Attendant/Inflight Supervisor
  • In-Flight Crew Member
  • International Flight Attendant
  • Lead Instructor/Flight Attendant
  • Purser
  • Flight Attendant

Career Analysis

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